Our Commitment

BORGANB Commits to Sustainability at European Consumer Summit

We are proud to announce our recent commitment to the Sustainable Consumption Pledge, which the founding director Beate Baethke signed on April 18th at the European Consumer Summit in Brussels. This significant event, organised by the European Union, marks a pivotal step in our journey towards sustainability and responsible business practices.

As a company deeply rooted in the values of ethical fashion and environmental stewardship, we have always strived to align our operations with the principles of sustainability. Our participation in the summit and our pledge signing are testaments to our dedication to reducing our environmental impact and fostering a more sustainable future.

We have committed ourselves to several key initiatives aimed at reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We recognise the importance of identifying and mitigating our carbon footprint, particularly in areas such as manufacturing and logistics. To this end, we currently outsource our bag manufacturing to eco-friendly leather manufacturers within the EU and utilise a logistics service based in Cologne, Germany. This approach not only supports local businesses but also minimises our transportation emissions.

Acknowledging the challenges in fully measuring our emissions, particularly from our offices and co-working spaces, we have pledged to establish comprehensive emission reduction targets by the end of 2024. These targets will be verified by an independent third-party expert, ensuring transparency and accountability in our reporting.

Increasing the circularity of our operations is another cornerstone of our pledge. We are committed to a zero-plastic policy for all our products and packaging. We believe in embracing the principles of a circular economy, using materials derived from innovative organic waste and plants. This not only minimises waste but also reduces our dependency on non-renewable resources.

Looking ahead, we plan to introduce a repair service by the end of 2024, offering our customers the opportunity to extend the life of their products. This initiative is designed to reduce waste and promote a longer product lifespan beyond the conventional warranty period.

In addition to these operational commitments, we pledge to launch a bespoke concept by 2025. This tailored approach will allow us to meet the unique preferences of our discerning clientele while adhering to our eco-friendly and sustainable production model. By producing upon demand, we aim to significantly reduce overproduction and waste.

Transparency and community engagement are key pillars of our sustainability strategy. We commit to keeping our stakeholders informed through annual reports on our progress. These reports will highlight our achievements and challenges, fostering a clear and accessible dialogue about our sustainability journey. We believe in the importance of community involvement and are dedicated to engaging with our customers, stakeholders, and the broader public through detailed reports, news, and active participation on social media platforms.

We see ourselves as part of a broader movement advocating for significant reductions in the fashion industry's carbon footprint. By pledging to actively participate in sustainability initiatives at least once a year, we aim to contribute to global efforts towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

In conclusion, our commitment at the European Consumer Summit is just the beginning. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are excited about the journey ahead. Together with our partners, customers, and the community, we are committed to building a sustainable future, reinforcing the importance of responsible fashion and ethical business practices.