The story

BORGANB does not use any plastic for its products or packaging. The materials we use are derived from organic waste and plants, and we are transparent about the source of each material. Rather than throwing away the waste we unfortunately produce, we are convinced that it is better to transform it into something beautiful and valuable. By using timeless designs with high quality manufacturing and materials, we let each material speak for itself. The circular economic principles are the backbone of our business. We consider transparency regarding the materials and suppliers we work with on a partnership basis to be an essential component to providing our customers with valuable information. Our suppliers are also encouraged to improve their ecological footprint if they have not already done so. In order to minimize the carbon footprint of BORGANB, our suppliers are primarily located in Europe.

Chapter one

Eco fish leather

Pirarucu is being sustainably fished by the fisherman in the Amazon region. The fish serves as food to the local communities.

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Like minded supplying parters

Finding the right equally eco- and start-up friendly suppliers was not easy during the Corona lockdowns. We are happy to have found equally responsible and ethical minded companies for the manufacturing of our products and for the materials.

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Timeless design

A zero waste and circular product design approach were important factors when we started transforming the material into a product. We would like the bags to be used for a long time. The design lets the material "speak" and uses clear and classic lines. We offer repair services and second hand sale through our website.

Zero plastic

Born by the desire to produce high quality fashion without any plastic, BORGANB went through a lenghty research process to identify new innovative, eco friendly and plasticfree materials. Some challenges were faced, for example with non -polyester yarn for leather products. All our bags are sorn with silk yarn.

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Chapter One

Rhubarb leather

Innovative, toxicfree, certified vegetable tanned leather Made in Germany. Tannin extract from the rhubarb plant have been developed over several years into a tanning material for the bovine waste leather by our supplier. The uncoated leather is breathable and of high quality meeting the IVN natural leather guidelines.

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Transparency is another equally important pillar in our work. We would like to empower the consumer to take an informed decision about what she or he would like to cover her or his body with or buy as a gift for somebody else. Therefore we describe for every item what it is being made of and who made it. Since we are committed to transparency, we provide QR codes for each of our products that provide additional information. These details may include its authenticity and its material composition. We are also working with other groups on a framework to introduce this as a standard for the whole fashion industry.

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