Made by the following suppliers & partners

  • The team of Betangible Leather Goods, Spain, made the second prototyping and the manufacturing of the leather bags. 
  • The team of 'We are global green', Netherlands, are the Nova Kaeru sales partner in Europe for the eco - fish leather and provided valuable assistance and information 
  • Deepmello-leather, Germany, have developed a method to use rhubarb for tanning traced cattle skin and use vegetable dyes for colouring of the leather. They manufacture the Rhubarb leather. 
  • Falko Alexander (Helle Kammer), Cologne Germany and Yannick Faure, Grimaud France are responsible for the great photographs


Who made the bag?

The purpose of this paragraph will be to explain who worked on the bag and who was responsible for designing it.

The design of our products was influenced by both C&M Fashions Ltd. London and Ruth Glen, both London.

BORGANB works with Liverpool-based graphic designer David Anderson.

Who made the slipties? 

Tanja Drinhausen und Lina Hepp, Cologne, Germany